i miss these kids!!!
... so terribly that i will definitely squeeze them when i get back to marfori.

sir ned, mam dot, achi cielo, dichi zoe, and shobe geddi

the happy family.

love this lot!

the kiddos in bright yellow

zoe and geddi in pink pajamas

up, up, and away!

so lovely baby, she is.
see that smile? that's the smile of a model in her growing up years

i didn't have the chance to teach shobe.
but i've known her even before she was brought out to this world.
known her too while she was in the hospital and prayed for her health.
geez, i also know how the good mom spent hours forming her name.


the al ghurair escapade


easily one of Deira's biggest shopping malls and one of the most elite centers,

Al Ghurair Mall has all the brands one could ever want to have.

And they always have the best promo and other festival offers too!

my friends and i after the grocery episode

the escalator beauties

yessa, me, lucille, mel
2nd floor at the very center of the plaza


the search for the pot of gold...

tired feet after a day of walking in the midday sun

it's fun to get lost in the middle of the east,
if and only when you are with a friend .
aya and me under the prickling heat of the sun.

Sheikh Zayed Road, with towers at the back of me

at gold and diamond center, near end of Sheikh Zayed Road
had one interview there...
got the job but didn't like the place
it's too far, too desert.