villa 48, abu baker al siddique road

so here is where i stay with my friends.
it is said that "when the Lord asks you to put something down, it is because he wants you to pick something better." villa 48 is way so much better. in fact, it never fails to give me the feeling of peace, of comfort, and of everything positive. And it is in villa 48 that we feel the Lord's hand working in our lives. My friends have found work immediately after coming, Lucy has got that "every jobseeker's dream" and Ate Jas has a basket of goodies for herself too.
come take a peek at our life inside the gates of villa 48.
pics inside the house will come next time.

1) it's me, yessa, miss melani, and lucy by the poolside
2) the precocious e-learning beauties paving way for the next beings to come
3) the beauties: melani, me, and lucy
4) the moslem abode, from the left side
5) from the right side
6) by the pathway
7) it's call center time (an alternative career for me, hehehe)


celebrating neelu's birthday

it's one of those rare moments when we set aside our headsets and go out of the system.


it is maki's birthday today, hurray!!!

he's officially turned 6 years old at 6 pm philippine time today.
cheers to the finest boy that walked this planet.
to maki, there's so much waiting for you.
love you, makoy!


shoppaholics at hamarain

almuteena street


just clicking at the road sign. this is just straight to our villa. very near hypermarket and sheraton.