welcome to dubai

ever seen a palace?
this is just one of the many palaces here

dubai is famous for its water works

our new home...
villa 48, room 4

want to reach the sky?

sunset in Palm Deira

Maktoum Bridge

the burj al arab
take note, it would cost AED 300/- to enter its gates for pics
that would explain the image from a distance.
oh yeah, imagine how much it costed the Filipino people when gma stayed in the burj when she visited the uae?

the famous clock tower in deira
just near our area
we could even walk from her to home (with our shoes totally worn out after)

outside airport, in the green palms

that is fish roundabout...
it's actually a fountain in the middle of an interction.
this is just a few blocks away from my office.

how to deal with homesickness?

take a deep breath and head to Baskin Robbins!!!
that is the common answer for each one of us. Meet my roommates (though one has gone to Kish, Iran for her graceful exit - mind you, really graceful as she's landed a post for an MNC as the Marketing Executive...so graceful, ayt?). My cousin Lucy is in her gray shirt and is sitting beside me, Ruby in white and red ensemble, Melani in her green cardigan, and Yessa in pink.