i love the Fockers

i badly needed a lift today. for some reasons unknown, i feel like sulking in the solitude of my newfound home. i love the quiet sun-filled room with its orange curtain and wood furnishings. reminds me of my davao home.

today i love being alone. but am meeting friends later so i need to change the mood. and for this sort of thing, meeting the fockers has always proved to be the best thing to do.


ooops, i did it again!

deja vu. that's what this is.

the circumstances are the same. i have plenty of time and i have nothing much to do. internet is available and so i start tinkering my blog. and that's it. the song plays. i did it again.

template's gone. the environment-oriented, eye-friendly green template. i have some explaining to do to yessa who did the design a few months back.