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had to deal with the long queue though

After the successful and very controversial Da Vinci code, the Angels and Demons is another international blockbuster adaptation of Dan Brown's novel. It is a captivating movie that will take viewers to places and back to the history of the catholic church. Tom Hanks plays the role of professor Robert Langdon, a reputable symbologist, who is in the trail of a conspiracy in his quest to decode a symbol imprinted on a piece of skin of the murder victim physicist Leonardo Vetra.

The trail leads to a secret brotherhood, The Illuminati. Clues have led them to the four pillars of Science: fire, air, water, and earth. When the Pope died, the four preferetti (the next in line for the papacy) were kidnapped and killed in a painful manner just before the start of the conclave to determine who among them is the rightful one to take the church's leadership. Langdon and Vittoria, Vetra's daughter, try to uncover the mission of the murderer and have discovered the existence of a destructive weapon instead within the walls of the Vatican in a revenge claim of the Illuminati, a group believed to be extinct for years, for being persecuted in the past. The two raced against time to prevent such terroristic act to happen.

The movie was a marvelous adaptation of the book although like all adaptations, it fails to capture some of the minute details present in the original. I still would prefer the book as it allows my imagination to wander more and live in the character's persona. What is good about movie versions is the fact that you get to travel to places. I really appreciate having a glimpse of Rome, of the Vatican to be specific. I always feel that there is so much in there, some mystery, dark and dangerous.


our dearest Lola

never to come back...

Mistakes with a capital M

Been committing mistakes lately. It's not the minor ones. It's in the superlative level. I don't want to expound on the topic just as yet. It's just mistakes after mistakes. Geeez, it's about time i re-program my life i guess.

Kwentong Jelly Beans
hango sa kwentong jelly beans ni noringai ng peyups.com

Lately, lagi kong naaalala yung kwento ni Noringai sa peyups. Favorite ko yung Kwentong Jelly Beans niya. Dati naa-appreciate ko lang dahil sa galing ng pagkakasulat pero nitong mga huling linggo na-realize ko na tumutugma sa istorya ng buhay ko ngayon ang kwento.

Ano nga ba ang meron sa Chocolate Pudding flavor na jelly bean? Ang dami kong natikman na ibang flavor. Na-try ko rin yung ibang colors. Masasarap din naman. Kaso ang Chocolate Pudding pa rin ang lagi kong hinahanap. Kung tutuusin, ang dami kong napalampas na masasarap na beans, di ko na tinandaan ang mga flavors kasi nga ang nasa isip ko lagi ay ikaw, ooops, yung Chocolate Pudding flavor pala. Ang hirap pala ng ganon, alam kong hindi tama na palampasin ko ang ibang bagay para lang sa isa, pero anong magagawa ko kung sa tuwina yun at yun pa rin ang gusto ko.

Bakit nga ba ganon? Kung pwede lang i-reformat ang buhay. Kung sana napro-program. Kaso hindi.


living la vida loca

i am missing so much lately. while i was basking in the summer iran sun, my family celebrated a lot of life's goodness. i should have gone home, i know coming to iran was not a very good decision. snail was telling me either to go home or come to the ultimate dreamland, but anyhow i chose iran for some new adventure.

not that i am regretting, not at all. the iran experience was really good. it's just that i also wish i was there with them. life! why can't we have it all?

Francis's graduation was most awaited. of course, he almost used all his residency years in UPcebu and he was tired of going over the same thing each year. thesis work was hell work. thanks he completed it finally.

standing next to the prof that gave him hard time. Pulonx does not look so mad though. It's the sablay magic working.

Maki's sablay would be the fifth for the family. my parents are collecting the maroon sash and they're counting not four but six including maki's and enzo's. if frans used up his residency, i wonder if maki would follow suit knowing and expecting him to go for aeronautical course. we really have high hopes for you, makoy, so play the field well.

been looking forward to this great family shopping adventure. it was julie's treat and i always love it when it's her turn. i miss this so badly. argh!

are they even missing me? no sign at all.

that's chinese julai and pulonx. why do i look so different from them? it's always been a question to me.

chinese julai and shobe. they don't look so similar now. they used to be, so much that our aunts and uncles would be confused sometimes. but now that julai's gained some more flesh, there's no difficulty telling who's who.

still can't figure out what's with jollibee that all kids get hooked to it. but who cares about what i understand and don't, jollibee's not for me. it's for maki!

enjoying Bohol. i miss the provincial life grandma's place offers. can't help thinking about the crabs and the lobsters lola puts in my plate everytime i come to visit.

"living la vida loca"