cebu (january 27, 2009)

on my way back to dubai, i passed by cebu city and spent a day with pulonx and emat (and her beau - charles). it was a fun-filled experience (extravagant one though, thanks to emat) with a visit to cebu's finest places. i never really liked spending time in a hotel, much more spending money for a ride, but my sister proved the adventure not a waste of precious pesos but a bonding experience. we were missing shangi though. she cannot come, God bless her, due to academic and some personal affairs she has to endure for a month or two more. we wished then she finished school soon. come take a peek at this rare cebu experience.

me, pulonx, emat on the 38th floor of the hotel

pulonx and me on the Edge Ride

spectacular view from the top, isn't it?

emat and charles on the ride


chinese julai and charlie

Edge Ride graduation celebration

the race to the pot of gold

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