karen po!

meet my newfound friend.

karen. she's my roommate. she's my every complement to every single thing. she cooks, i wash the dishes. she likes the carrot jam, i take the butter. she only eats egg yoke, i only eat the white. she takes the softer part of the bread whereas i only like the outer layer. it's a real success in geometry.

we have a lot of things in common. we click. we bonded immediately as soon as we knew each other's name. and guess what? she's Oble's daughter too. UPLB may be a distance away from UPMin but never mind the figure, the shared experiences are just too much to ignore.

at first we talked of some petty stuffs. day one was for testing the water. she talked, i talked. there was an instant liking then. and believe me, she thought i was an Iska. i also thought she was one.

day 2, we knew each other then. how bizarre circumstances have been for us. imagine us, put together in one plane, one bus, one room. lo and behold! she's from the grounds of the same U. (for more pics, visit me at tabs.)


  1. siguro madam meant to be friends jud mong duha..hehehe

    she's your angel sa imong situation kron..layu naka sa boredom..dibah?!

    ingats always! God Speed!

  2. baruth. ni guapa ka. pero outfit jud diay. dapat jud naa ka friend na dili sucker and user, if you know what i mean. spread your wings!

  3. yaar kuch samajh nahi a araha hai. sab cool hai. mati karo aur life enjoy karo.

  4. samjha chika sab cool hai. isliye enjoy karo life. mere ko maloom hai tum ko kuch samajh nahi aa raha hai. isliye apni akal lagao aur isko samajhne par na jao.

  5. thanks for the comment snail.
    MK!!! mwah!

  6. vikiiiiiiiiiiiii,
    what does this mean?
    malum nahi, yaar!

  7. It nice snail, You were to able to find a family and at the same time fought for a cause. GOD may help her/him. Good see u have a partner (Karen) in Iran .

    Keep it up snail.



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