living la vida loca

i am missing so much lately. while i was basking in the summer iran sun, my family celebrated a lot of life's goodness. i should have gone home, i know coming to iran was not a very good decision. snail was telling me either to go home or come to the ultimate dreamland, but anyhow i chose iran for some new adventure.

not that i am regretting, not at all. the iran experience was really good. it's just that i also wish i was there with them. life! why can't we have it all?

Francis's graduation was most awaited. of course, he almost used all his residency years in UPcebu and he was tired of going over the same thing each year. thesis work was hell work. thanks he completed it finally.

standing next to the prof that gave him hard time. Pulonx does not look so mad though. It's the sablay magic working.

Maki's sablay would be the fifth for the family. my parents are collecting the maroon sash and they're counting not four but six including maki's and enzo's. if frans used up his residency, i wonder if maki would follow suit knowing and expecting him to go for aeronautical course. we really have high hopes for you, makoy, so play the field well.

been looking forward to this great family shopping adventure. it was julie's treat and i always love it when it's her turn. i miss this so badly. argh!

are they even missing me? no sign at all.

that's chinese julai and pulonx. why do i look so different from them? it's always been a question to me.

chinese julai and shobe. they don't look so similar now. they used to be, so much that our aunts and uncles would be confused sometimes. but now that julai's gained some more flesh, there's no difficulty telling who's who.

still can't figure out what's with jollibee that all kids get hooked to it. but who cares about what i understand and don't, jollibee's not for me. it's for maki!

enjoying Bohol. i miss the provincial life grandma's place offers. can't help thinking about the crabs and the lobsters lola puts in my plate everytime i come to visit.

"living la vida loca"

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