ooops, i did it again!

deja vu. that's what this is.

the circumstances are the same. i have plenty of time and i have nothing much to do. internet is available and so i start tinkering my blog. and that's it. the song plays. i did it again.

template's gone. the environment-oriented, eye-friendly green template. i have some explaining to do to yessa who did the design a few months back.


  1. ruth! hi! kamusta na? i just rediscovered your blog thru your shoutout on iroll's blog. kamusta naman ka? nagkita mo ni aya diha? miss na tika ug imong kakulitan.

  2. nikoy! nice to see u here. been visiting ur blog, nganong walay bagong laag?

  3. haller ruth. ala nay laag kay busy na ang mga tao. si ice naa sa uae, si eyado di na mahagilap, si iroll naa nay asawa!!

    akalain mo?! hahaha


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