greeting the year 2008 with a bang!

it's the dawn of yet another year. now it is time for me to rethink of my priorities, my plans in the immediate future, and of my sins.

though faraway from family and friends and my comfort zones, i welcomed the new year with a light heart. i walked home after office last december 31, silently crying for the separation but nonetheless thankful for the time i had to be alone. at midnight, we had a sumptuous meal comprised of seafoods. i was with ate haidy, kuya bob and their kids (harriet, hyacinth, hillary and 2J). arlene and ate lot were also family. ate a lot of tiger shrimps that later on gave me the rashes. so much for seafoods!

the service later in the day was a meeting of culture. people from different walks of life came together to hear their first mass for 2008 at st. joseph's cathedral. the banquet that followed was an exhibition of different foods. i got a plateful and left the hall.

first sin committed this year: oversleeping. slept until 10am, ate and watched tv while busy with the phone and the internet, slept again at 2pm until 4pm, the mass, then slept at 8pm until 6.30 this morning. my head feels so heavy i swear i would not want to oversleep again.


  1. Hay! kon ikaw oversleeping, ako ky matulog sa adlawan laag sa gabii. hehehe. Wla nkoy lain gibuhat during my christmas holiday but party at night.

    PLUS super dooper kaon. hehehe

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  3. duhh! nag sulat na sad ka ruth na ang maganahan taga Kazakhstan lang hehehehehe unsa na balita? uy ibutang sa imong links akong mga website beh!


    happynew year pahak!


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