disaster is the name!

i really do not want to whine. no, not anymore. i want to have a happy life and i would like to be called a happy person. but i can't help but cry due to last night's event.

so be it. it finally came out on V's lips that i am the tag-along in the group.. in other words, ako daw po ay sampid lamang. how dare she say such a thing? such ignorance! if not for my being a tag-along in the group they would still be in that previous cupboard of a house.

this is not something to be read by anyone. and i know only my friends have the link to this blog. but who cares if they run into this post? at least they know how my mind is screaming and cursing them, wanting them to bleed in agony and pain like i do now.

when we were all on visit visas, no one dared to submit a copy of her passport to the villa caretakers. that is where we live now, in a villa not so far from malls and hypermarkets. not even E who had her offer letter already at that time did have the courage to photocopy her passport for the said reason. and i, being the tag-along in the group, was forced to do the sacrifice. 2 months of disturbed sleep! why would anyone on visit visa get a room of her own? it's completely illegal! one on visit visa should be staying with relatives, or friends, or in a hotel. not live in a room where she would have to buy refrigerator, bed, and stove. so i was the sacrificial lamb..that is because i was the tag-along in the group.

so how dare did she say that to me? such arrogance that spring from ignorance. and A... she perhaps thought she was correct in telling me that it should be majority decision that is to be followed. perhaps yes, and of course they always win. i have always felt being an outsider. but she should have to be reminded that i too, have the right in that house. and in fact, if there should be anyone who has the right to kick anyone out of that room it is me.

T on the other hand is the saint that she is... i'll see her in hell if i know. to think she also had photocopy of her passport that time when it was collected, but she waited for me to hand mine. and she even dared tell me that there was no need for her to surrender her copy as the villa management only needs one copy from anyone. she thinks she's a saint? then how would you name the devils if she were indeed one?

i know i am whining. and i know i am pretty bitchy in here. but i have to write things down lest i'd be feeling so unfair to my self. i only give justice to my own being when i write.


  1. OMG! WTH and WTF?!

    You wait till i get there madam, 'them' versus 'US' is like 'them' versus '100 people'

    Do not worry, blessings goes to the person being stabbed at the back.

    More luck to come for being harassed by 'them' who care nothing but themselves.

  2. Ok, i made a new flash player for you. Hope you like it. hehehe

    Bagay na bagay kaayo ni sa imo.. hehehe

    Ako nlng i send sa ym... ky dli man pwede diay ibutang dri sa comment. hehehe

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