looking at life from a different perspective

there is a melodramatic sense to the title and it has been a cliche long before the time of shakespeare. it sounds biblical, so moralistic, and definitely didactic. but who cares when i feel that way.

for a month or so i have been living in hell. all the while i thought i was with real friends, thanking heavens for giving me such "angels" who were with me through my trying moments here in dubai. i remember including them in my prayers, thanking the most powerful for their presence and for that sense of belonging. but i was wrong. all the while, the laughter and the conversations, those late night escapade to the hypermarket or to karama for shopping, were all but a facade. when there is not much strenght in the foundation then crumbling it would come down to be.

nonetheless, i have moved out and i am moving on. i had never such a good night's sleep for a month until i shifted rooms. now i am enjoying the company of cousins and newfound friends, the television and the fridge right inside our room, and the laughter with people who barely know me. after all that happened, i value privacy now more than i ever did. these past month i had to battle against being stabbed at the back or hearing "friends" talk about how bad i am or how i envy them for their pay or for whatever reason that give them the feeling of being better than me. but i am past that ill feeling now. i no longer worry about being shouted at for petty things. when i look back now, i do not get ashamed of being insulted and backbitten, but i pity them for the lowly state to which they have sunk to.

but all's well that ends well. it is 6 o'clock and i am kissing my laptop goodbye. i have to head home. my bed is waiting. my friends are waiting. and everything else is new.

there is so much to life than live with tina, verlyn, ethel, anne and jeal - arranged in accordance to the hostility i feel for them. there is so much to life than villa # 10. there is so much to everything that i have dealt with these past month and i am embracing life without them.

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  1. you'll never know exactly what kind of personality a friend is until you get to live with her/him.

    I'm happy you're now getting the 'sweet sleep' you've been wanting for so long. Not to mention, i'm coming over... so let's rock dubai sis! hehe

    btw, thanks for processing my papers. bwahehehe


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