dubai is cold...

... and the friends i live with are colder.

lately i find it hard to stay under the same roof with them. it all started the day before we had to exit for oman. T was in need of money, A was in need too. I, on the other hand, was extremely grateful to have friends around who were willing to lend me the amount necessary for ticket and visa.

not that i didn't have money. i had. a month's toil in distant abu dhabi rendered me more than enough for what i needed. but the the concern was that, i had to get the money from abu dhabi which was 2 hours away, desert to desert. and the person to give me my labor's fruits was only available at 8.30 in the evening, or so he said. so i had to contend with the icy cold night if i had to go get the money.

since T needed to borrow from me i asked for her company to go to abu dhabi. not only did she refuse me her society, she also raised her voice at me and doubted me. what more, she even dared doubt that i already had the money a long time ago and that i only did not tell them, intentionally. so what was she suggesting, that i was that selfish? that all those times when we didn't have much food in the fridge i had money in my pocket all along?

if one says that to you, would you still want to give her the money she loaned?

i went to abu dhabi on my own. it was freezing. and it was dark when i reached there. i had to stay in al whada mall to wait for the money. and the man reached at 11.30! so what was i doing there at that time when i could have simply slept at home and wait for my friends' money for my own exit? you would think i was crazy to be out there to get the money for T's use.

tell me if i am selfish, but i called E on the morrow of that fateful day to tell T i could only loan her half of what she needed. I could not give her the whole amount. she was sleeping all along the night before, so lucky for her, while i was out there, in the cold mall, with no dinner and fearful as the stalls were closing one by one.

tell me if i were not a true friend to her. i just think it was her who have gone over the bounds of friendship. true friends would not shout at the other, especially if she is the one who needs the favor.


  1. yup.... tell T to ask you nicely again if she needs money.... and tell her to pay you immediately...

  2. I can't judge anyone just as that. Maybe she was just so worried about her own exit, but that doesn't mean she has to act that way. I really don't know what to say to her though. I have too much of worries in me when i get there. What if i ran into situation like her? =(

    God bless me.


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