workaholic? no, workish!

everyone of us have our own story to tell. it has not been easy going away from our usual comfort zones, to walk down the streets of D and find our way as we go from one interview to another, and the bus was a real ordeal! one would have to wait for an hour or more to get to destination. taxi drivers here are rude and the pay is worth a cadbury bar, so it's not always an option.

ethel and i are the lucky ones to have easily gotten a job. a few days after i came to this unfamiliar city, i got a call for a month-long relieving post. the offer was way too good for one who is used to getting only a 4-digit pay and so it was not an offer to turn down. a week after i started the job, i had interview schedules coming my way. one job offered was to be a recruitment consultant for one of the emirates' recruitment agencies. i was asked how much is the salary i would like to get. and crazy me, i asked for something low.

the story of ethel is not something so different. she started working 3 weeks from arrival. she is receiving the same pay as i get, but she works from dawn til dust. not that it's the working hours of the company she is in, but the workload just seems to pull her down to her last professional element that now she is a walking zombie! she is thinking of leaving her work and find something else but the idea of taking the bus heading to Terminal 1 of the airport is not something to look forward to. so much for the thought of being deported!

tina, on the other hand, is the very lucky one. in a few month's time she will be a millionaire, hahaha! we are so happy for her especially that she was the most cry-baby of us all. she would be engrossed in her own emotional struggles that she would not hear a word that we told her. thankfully, she has the most lucrative job among us all. and her company's the biggest in the emirates. it's like working in san miguel!

anne has just received her pay last weekend. we had taza! hmmmm, so yummy. chicken from taza is always something we have to thank for. for one, it tastes really heaven. another reason is its price, it is really affordable! (just do not convert it to peso, hahaha). going to and from work she has to wait for the bus for 2-3 hours a day. sometimes, she walks. but i don't think she would have much energy to walk the road as she does not take lunch during her break. why? because no one else in their office does.

there's so much more to tell, got not much time. got to run for breakfast...i think the tilapia is now fried.

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