fishing my heart out

there were so plenty of fish around me last night! fish of different kinds, different sizes, different colors. i thought of how wonderful it is to be eating fried tilapia, or paksiw na dilis. i have always loved eating these sea creatures. and the shrimps! goodness, there were so plenty of them. i thought of the sumptuous meal that was coming, of all the glorious feeling one gets when the stomach is stuffed. i thought of the refrigerator that would be full, of the plastic containers that had to be prepared, of the crammed small table that we have.

there were so many good thoughts to have as i struggled cleaning them all.

(one would think that the dubai shopping festival has changed to dubai fish festival for the 6 of us. last night verlyn and anne went to the fish market. with a AED 70 budget, they came back with two bags-ful of fish and shrimps, all so fresh and so overly cheap! so how was the labor divided? jeal and i had to clean the reward of their labor while tina had to wash the night's dishes. ethel was excused from the household chores, she's a zombie afterall and would not need more chores.)

oh yeah, the pricks still hurt up to today...

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