the gold souq experience

it was one of those days when we had the urge to just go anywhere... agreed, dubai has its wonders yet to be explored. and the 4 of us were the adventurers. not willing to bring out a dirham out of our pockets but very much willing to challenge the heat and the map. so off we went to Gold Land.

we met at my office. it's a few minutes away from Gold Souq, but i told you several times that one could not trust me when it comes to directions. it took us a few more twists and turns than necessary before we reached the market. "souq" by the way is the arabic term for market.

so enjoy prowling over the pictures and help us pray that one day (inshallah) we will be able to get to that point when we could afford a gram or two of these precious metal.

want some?

the adventure of the 4 dreamers...
how do you turn your eyes off those glittery items?
together we dreamed of that day when we would be economically free and able to buy ourselves and our families all these things.
but not now yet.
these are all for our eyes only in the meantime.
come have a look!

after the goldful night, back to reality...
tired faces while waiting for the bus

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