... was a very tiring day. without jaya, i had to be 'Multitasking' personified. there was so much to do and it seemed like i didn't even had time to breathe. i was near breaking point and i had the urge to go to the manager's office to complain. every single negative feeling was with me as i updated our gulfnews and internet ads, attended to candidates and gave them the tests, and updated the database. needless to say i felt so harassed and so abused yesterday. this ill feeling comes once in a while. when jaya's back from his vacation then i'll have my time of day too but for a month i have to stretch my back each day.

whew! but at the end of the day, i left all my worries and pains in the office where they should be. at the end of the day one has to feel fresh and beautiful as she was when the day started.

* just to show the cute uniform and the cute sandals that go with it


  1. mam sherly ramirez says:

    Your life is full of surprises because God loves you emensely. He continiously guide you to achieve your dreams and aspirations in life. Absolutely you will be able to visit Egypt soon and have a life of prosperity like Queen Cleopatra. By then you have all the reasons to praise and thank God and also don't forget to bring me gold... Hehehe...

  2. masunog man sad ta dri nga page oi...

    nice background...
    bckground lang ha...

  3. manang, you look fabulous!tambok naka manang...samot nakag kaguapa ba.i miss u kaau

  4. diocy: nice kaau imong mga outfit!


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