it was one of those many days when i had the "Macbeth" complex. i wasted so much time thinking whether to go to Nida's party or not. it was late and i had to go alone. due to the usual friday traffic my officemates who were supposed to pick me up from my place were not able to come and instead had to take another route to get to destination. it left me only three alternatives: one, to call for taxi and go alone or with lucy and jasmin. two, call friends who could take me to al qusais. and three, not to go to the party at all.

but it would be a sorry event for yessa who made me up, for jasmin who fitted the sandals for me, and for lucy who took out all her scent/fragrances collection for the said occassion. even melani who cheered for yessa's artistic touch would be feeling bad had i decided not to go. so off i went to wonderland.


  1. if i were to rate from 0-10, 10 would be the highest... i'd rate it as 1... wanna know y?... d outfit itself does not fit your
    personality... don't ask me y...
    i've known you for like 5 years but it feels a lot longer than that...if i were there, i would be giving 10 zillion reasons not to go to the party if that were your outfit... on the contrary, nice make up... well done yesa...
    make over eto...

  2. Charmus!

    As if... hehehe. ang tinood is, sayangan jud ka sa opportunity na ibandera ang akong 'ultimate creation'. hehehe

  3. juan, just noticed this comment. what do u mean the outfit does not fit? u want the more daring chuva? hahaha, i know mas ganahan ka kung super ka-ek ekan ako suot. charing! i've changed, u know.trying to be conservative here, my friend. nway, love u for the comment.


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