waiting for thursday

i wish it were thursday already, my mind screams.

thursdays are ultra special to me lately. for one, thursday is the last day of the working week. fridays and saturdays i am off to bond with my bed, my laundry, and of course the internet. this coming thursday however is a bit more special than the usual because then i would end my contract here. i know it is wrong to wait for days to come by. i also know that every minute is important as it can't be brought back. but nonetheless, i also know that i am not so happy being here, being far from the people i know, and from the place that i have started to learn how to live in.

by thursday, in shallah, i will hand over all my reports and responsibilities to the kabayan who has given me the opportunity to have a taste of UAE work. and by thursday, in shallah, i could get a hold of the promised and most-awaited reward. really, may the lord allow such a thing to happen this thursday and not later than that.

i may feel like this week is a long stretch. sunday, monday i have to work. tuesday is new year and i am not so sure how i would celebrate the coming of another year, then comes wednesday when kabayan comes back to work then thursday for goodbyes. i really can't wait.

i am about to end a chapter of my life and begin with another. as i end my stint here in abu dhabi this coming thursday, another page is coming up. friday and saturday as i said will be bonding with my bed, my laundry and the internet, and come sunday i will be occupying another room, sit in another chair, and meet new associates. in shallah, everything will be fine for me. al hamdulillah!


  1. First thing first, unsa nang In Shallah?

    Honestly speaking, medyo hadlok ko kon unsa ako life dha ba. What if dugay ko maka work? What if maglisud ko? What if dli nako kaya? Ug unsa-unsa pa na "what-ifs".

    Unta if naa nako dha madam, tabangan jud ko nmo. huhuhu

  2. arabic words:

    in shaallah- if the lord permits
    al hamdulillah- thanks be to god
    dismilla- i start the day with god
    shukran- thank you
    af wan- welcome

    mao pa lang ako ma remember as of this moment... (i got a lot of tutors here, hehehe, al hamdulillah).

  3. what if kaya yessa mu adto na ka Dubai unya pag settle namo ni ruth kay maki puyo mi ni barbz bwehehehe

    ruth musta naman ka? RC na lang ako ihatag kay macky

    uy tama di ay i apil sa imong liks akong websites


    ikamusta ko sa mga taga brok dinha heheh

    fyi : imong blog sulod sa top 10 sa search engine sa Kazakhstan



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