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have finally found work, yuppee!!!

ooops, this is not permanent work yet. i am relieving richard who went back to davao for a month. so happy to get this job, not only for the pay i'd get (mind u, the company pays generously) but also for the experience this post offers.

barely 2 weeks here, i was torn between accepting this admin post for a month or finding a permanent job in a company that would offer me working permit/visa. it wasn't easy deciding but my friends think i am crazy for ever having doubts about this relieving stuff. for one, not all people who come on visit visa get a month's stint in this big company (and this is really huge!). an international company situated in the heart of this great and wealthy state, the experience it could offer to anyone is really enticing, not to mention the certificate they would give by the end of the month (with the company's name printed in bold, geez, how dare i thought of turning down the offer a week back?!). and the salary, it's almost double to what most filipinos who have stayed here for years get.

so, what's with the title? it's because, being in an international company, i get to work with people from different backgrounds. there's Miss A who's from London (geez!), Mr. B who is from london as well, there are americans, indians, pakistanis, filipinos, etc. if we were to wear our national costumes, i tell u, a child could take our group picture and submit it to his/her social studies teacher.

on a different note, my filipino colleagues here laugh at my lunch box. they keep on teasing me for my rice and viand combination of a baon. they think i'd soon gain weight even before i finish my contract here. with all the chocolate chips and cookies, the bread-butter-cheese and what not in the cupboard and every where else in the kitchen, it would really be a wonder if i still do not get bigger by the day here.

working with people from different cultures is never boring. u learn a word or two a day, it does not matter if it is old english, chinese, hindi, pakistani, or whatever. also, their working culture is different, and this difference makes one grow, and i hope by the end of the month i'd have much to bring with me.

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  1. I am so happy for you. Nalingaw ko sa akong gibasa. hehe


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