davaosale.com and the art of rhetoric

haggling, cajoling, these are but two of the skills i have learned ever since i joined davaosale.com. it may seem a bit more of a task than the usual trading- what with all the meet up, prices and warranty negotiations- but the experience just suits every one whose budget is a bit restricted, or even one who simply wants what his/her money is worth.

rhetoric, or the ability to persuade, is easier when taken in as a concept rather than as an act. the disourse has to be contextualized, arguments (arrangements, in this matter) be properly planned and regulated lest you lose the bid, and one has to be witty and be able to live up to the challenge that governs the entire transaction. patience has to be stretched, and negotiations have to be fast. in the end, you take note of the bad and good DS members and put them in separate baskets.

i have had my share of good and bad transactions in davaosale. luckily, the bad ones are just minor incidents- just like when u lose the item to another buyer who has hard cold cash on hand, like you lose to another buyer in just a matter of minutes or an hour.

most of my experience in davaosale though are good ones and worth relating to friends. they wonder how i could come up with best buys from DS. i guess the secret is that i never engage into business right away, i check the background of the member, and make sure that i could contact him/her when the need arises. not that this is the surest part of making good transactions but at least it serves me well.

for now, i'm off to meeting another DS member, good luck to me!


  1. I've been a member of davaosale for several months already. We sell pups on the site. Luckily, we got good clients. I even sold my digicam there.

    Three things i don't really like about davaosale:
    1. It's so slow ---- it took awhile before the main page fully loaded.
    2. Moderators couldn't impose authority over the fights among the members. Mind you, there were fights out there!
    3. The threads were not organize.

    Those i stated above were simply my opinion, if you think it isn't reasonable, you can always ask me for more explanation. LOL

    Beyond that, i'm thankful cos davaosale put a lot of money on my pocket. Fair enough to simply oversee the things i hate about it.

  2. hahaha!
    sa davaosale bya ka nidato madam ha...


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