leaving on a jet plane...soon.

things that are hard to live without:
1) maki
2) the everyday cat-dog scenario with the housemate
3) my mk
4) the internet
5) cielo, zoe, gedd
6) the laptop, the movie/series collection, the magazines in the bathroom
7) jmr, barbs, yessa, mel, juan, bobong
8) pansit canton

the things i'd miss doing:
1) the daily chaotic adventure in waking up a going big boy
2) tug-of-war with maki in strength and in wits
3) teaching one baby boy and three baby girls
4) the every now and then cold war with the housemate
5) the daily commute
6) budgetting
7) doing the grocery
8) the ukay-ukay
9) movie marathon
10)fighting with madz edith

books to buy to while away the time:
1) sophie's world by jostein gaarder (i lost my copy when a friend from college borrowed it and never returned...i wish he/she gets to read this and feel the urge to contact me. just in case, the number is 09108119197 ("/,).
2) the count of monte cristo by alexandre dumas. i love the writer and i love his masterpieces. too bad though his works can't be found in 2nd hand bookshops.
3) the alchemist by paulo coelho- have read the story twice but i think i need the passion of santiago in chasing dreams, just in case one day i'd feel the weight of the world and decide to turn back.

life's like that... one has to brave the tide to reach a dream.

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