lately, i have been...

october 29
wallowing in boredom, eating a lot, and sleeping like a log.
see, some creature borrowed my officekeys last thursday. wasnt able to retrieve them, or she did not return them is more appropriate to say. and so i had no laptop to work on last weekend. also, i wasnt able to get the research papers i had to edit, what a waste of time really! i was soooooooo bored. eating and sleeping were the only things left to do (my eyes hurt so much last weekend so i had to keep away from books and the tv).
in the afternoon, i dont know where i got the guts, i opened my closet, brought out my old but fave stuffs, and tried them on (see, i am really so excited over leaving!) only to realize what a piggy i am now! the realization had me doing some exercises this morning, hurray!

october 27
hating the world for not giving me 35k!
tina, ethel, renato and i, after meeting in school, proceeded to victoria plaza. what a wonderful day it had been! i had always loved VP for its simplicity. we sent tina's and ethel's money, dined in Flyover fronting VP, went to Anda to savor some durian and headed to cats and dogs to unleash the singer in us. cats and dogs however was fully occupied and so, with al's invitation, we went to wudkraf in matina. and geez, i thought the god adonis has climbed down from his pedestal to live with us humans. he was so gorgeous, every inch of him. and except that his complexion was fair, he could have been the very definition of the man of my dreams!

october 25
trying to gain experience, or so i thought!
not that i wanted to join the fieldwork for experience, heck, i have been into a lot of field tasks since i was 16! i was there since it was part of my job though, correct me if i am mistaken, i think i am only into research publication as per record given to me by the HRD. i really do not want to whine, only desperate and fixated people do that, as JL once said, but really- as far as i could remember- it wasn't me who wanted some experience in the field. the straw that actually broke the camel's back is the lovely sight i caught just when i was so overly starved. i saw the boss, the one who actually craved for experience in the field, comfortably seated in one of the benches, the towering tree rendered him shade against the prickling heat of the midday sun. i could almost hear myself calling the cow holy!

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