who's talking?

i'm glad i have gotten myself a new blog!

after that fateful attempt to give my old tabulas a facelift which later on gave way to its untimely death, i haven't had the chance to post my daily thoughts. i went through that process of grieving, and i found it hard to start anew. it was like losing my bestfriend, all thanks to my audacious nature.

it was i who ended my tabulas, and i regret it. each day i open my tabs, praying that the genius in me would be able to trace its steps back and salvage Expressions. for a time i tried to recapture what was once a glorious collection of random thoughts, emotional ramblings, and even this writer's blocks. the frustration is mixed with regret, with hopelessness, with lack of sensation, until the soul surrenders. it is only when one gives up the past that one lives on his present and moves to the future i suppose.

so who's talking?

chikadee might have played mute for a while, but there is no telling that the girl has not reserved her thoughts. all those moments of not being able to write down everything that was worthwhile typing will be relived as the writer tries to relive the days. there's just so much to write about, and i miss my old self when i only had to turn to my blog and pour in the day's glee, or document the anguish, or just simply live the moment. to my blogspot, kudos! may you live for long.


  1. One advice: stop tweaking things you don't really know. =P

    Since you're back on track, i'll be expecting more of your scattered thoughts (ehem!).

    Welcome back!

  2. hahaha!
    i'll be sure not to tinker too much this time lest i lose more of my life's electronic documents.... nah, i don't want that!
    thanks for the advise, simple.


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