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kacheeks and the rest of the neopets species
from the amor vincit omnia category
posted July 2, 2007

i have encountered the kacheeks because of cielo. if not for her i would not even know that such virtual creatures abound and that neopets.com is one of the most visited websites by pre-teens today. thanks to this tutee i now have an account in neopets.

u think i am too old for virtual pets, huh? i'd daresay i'm not, because kacheeks and the other neopets characters are the latest designs for the customized pins we sell (with my partner sir bong). we gots loads of orders, and i am sooooooo thrilled about this. u know why? because these kacheeks and other characters bring out the child in me that is often suppressed, hidden and unattended.

party PARTY party!
from the amor vincit omnia category
posted June 27, 2007

it's gedd's bday!

she just turned 1 yesterday. the party was filled with fun as mom dot's hands were busy with the preparation for months, yes, months. the oh-so-great-mother that she is, she has been planning her 3rd child's birthday since january. in fact, she even ordered a few items from abroad just to suit gedd's bday theme.

i don't really like strawberry shortcake but my opinion does not matter. i'm no kiddie and so i don't have much to say about cartoons and kiddie stuffs. however, when it comes to parties, and if it's their party, then it is also my party.

june 12 we had to sort the candies and freebies for the loot bags. planning for games, packing prizes, and preparing the giveaways are always my turf when it's cielo's, zoe's, and gedd's party. what a job! those cutie items surely delighted the kids that came.

the food was great and the decoration was simple yet elegant. there were princesses as the emcees for the games and even barney came. oh what a delight for zoe who did not even wink all throughout the 30mins that barney was there.

there's so much ahead of you, geddi. tichi wut wish u the best.

maki turns 5!
from the amor vincit omnia category
posted June 27, 2007

the angel turns five, and everyone wishes him the best. for a child, the world is such full of wonders and that every year he/she turns older he/she thinks he's/she's able to comprehend more of the world in which he lives in. at five, he is already knowledgeable of the different colors and shapes (mind u, he learned the basic and secondary colors at age 3 as well as the shapes) and its spelling. it is a wonderful thing when u are able to witness the growth of a child. i can not help but marvel at how, every single day that the sun shines, he learns a thing or two. he is very inquisitive that for one who is not accustomed to having a child as talkative as he is he would be one who deserves timeout. for maki and the inquirer in him, for the dreams he has and the energy to do everything that he does, kudos!

Agents of Change
from i have been through worse category
posted June 27, 2007

lately i have been dragging my days to pass. i know this would set gayedelle's mood off, she hates it when one simply exists. her voice still echoes as she lectured me on the difference of existing and living several years back *oh yes, more than 10 years already.* I know i sound bloody pathetic today *so early in the morning, geez, it's only 15 past 10,* but believe me, i deserve to be so, just for now until the weekend's over.

physical change new office next week. am not so happy of this so-called lateral transfer but i am looking forward to having a new table come monday next week. i passed by the Research Office yesterday and saw how meager a space we have. i tell myself that in a few month's time, the rest of the reaserch staff and i will be in the new building at the third floor *whew, so happy to hear there would be an elevator, or else these poor legs would be so darned tired each day*. oh yeah, ms rauly told me my computer in the new office sucks. i can't tell if i have patience for slow responding pc's but i guess i have to do some dirty work once i get there.

new office, new workmates, new boss... i will surely have difficulty adjusting, whew!
chemical change and its reactionsi can't be late, my mind screams. now i have to make plans on how to get up early, move a little briskly in the morning, and reach the office on time. three years of being the worst of this school's late comers, i am almost near panic state now. can't take too much coffee and energy drinks anymore these days. for one who's dependent on caffeine, this is a big blow.

chemical change would also refer to the bonding times i spend with the elearning people over pizza. surely the body would miss the fun, not just of the food *mind u, i am petite and don't look like one who overeats, wink* but of the seasoning friendship produces *which is of course more effective than the msg*.

lateral transfer...
from i have been through worse category
posted June 17, 2007

is there such a thing?

i wish i still have omar's number... i guess ayik is so busy now, what with his all-around participation for bm... or would jeppie be interested and listen?

for days already i have been pre-occupied with the thought of lateral transfer. i am not even sure if such a thing exists in the labor code. it's a pity atty's em-em and joshua are not here. their brilliant minds could have lighten my already hazy thoughts. even the scatter-brained (a former professor once referred to her that way) nogie could help me figure things out if she were only here in davao.

see, a lot of people from the same institution where i am working have been transferred to another department. this could be explained by the recent change in the organizational structure of the school. the hrd officer explains that the transfer of these people is lateral, meaning they only have to transfer from one office to another with the same rate as remuneration. i don't think the transfer is because there is simply no place for them as a result of the adjustment made to the structure. because if we take a closer look to the issue, we would see that while they were transferred against their will the positions they vacated are left open and for hiring. this is of course against the philosophy behind lateral transfer.

if you ask me about the issue, these people (including myself) have been observed to be efficient in their tasks and are therefore worthy to be trusted with more tasks, and so the transfer. what the admin fail to see, however (although i believe they simply deny the fact), is that with efficiency comes a price they have to pay. in my case, it is evident that they are after something which i possess (like the ability to write some trash on top of my affiliations with some NGOs and funding agencies). from the mouth of one of the minds of all these confusion "pls help the college". duh, it is not as if the college is losing, in fact the college continues to prosper. but i have said my piece, "i'm working for the dough, not for charity."

of course, because if i was into doing some pro bono then i should have continued serving under the ugnayan ng pahinungod of up. there, fulfillment would be genuine.

goodbye is never easy
from i have been through worse category
posted June 17, 2007

i'm now bidding goodbye to my boss and my friends in this department. three years of being with them, it seems like i have known them really well. and though we're not the best of friends, no we have not elevated the relationship to that level yet, but the thing is, it is always nice to go to the office knowing that these people are always there, just a pm/ym away. we could shout at each other, blame each other, fight (even wrestle) with each other, but those moments when we were not so unified as a group are the ones i would miss the most next to eating hot pizza.

i just love everyone in the e-learning department, starting from my boss who has his own world, to yessa who could stare at the mirror for hours and who always has fashion in her brain, to melody who is extremely quiet on occassions but whose comments are more important than that of barbz' words which are always dispensable and excusable. but mind you, it is barbz who saves the group from dull moments, what with his antics against yessa and her dogs.

three years and i was already thinking of some change in my career. last semester i was discussing the theme to a group of friends from grad school. it was not a very serious discussion then. but now that the change is coming, fast and unsolicited, i am very reluctant to go and leave the group. i'd surely miss everyone.

this is crazy. this is overly dramatic. i am just transferring to a different department. it's just in another building. but i feel like i am going to some distant place where no one and nothing is familiar. i know who my new boss is but there's just no replacing the comedic jmr. the letter says it's a lateral transfer and so the better part of me says there is nothing to worry about... some old stuffs are to be expected. but something is telling me that no, it is not, that there is something more, in fact, that there are a lot more that have not been told yet.

whatever they are, i am not so interested in thinking of them just as yet. i know they will unfold in their own time. for now i am still mending this worrying heart and am still trying to look for a medicine to separation anxiety.


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