...and it came back on her.

she was the player. she had a few boyfriends cry over her, their broken relationships, her many unfulfilled promises, and some wishful thoughts of love and marriage. she played the field, and she played it smart. and though she tripped in some of her adventures, she never tied the knot inspite of the boy's pleas for marriage and promises of fidelity.

now she falls in love, and she falls so hard and hit the ground so soon. though she and he are both in love, he is not ready for more serious commitment. while they enjoy being near yet far as the cliche goes, she now wants more. the thing is, she now wants to have the many things that were offered to her a few years back which she a little less cordially declined.

the boy cried in 2002. now she is crying.
(what a love story)


  1. Well, love is very playful. It isn't always predictable, but one thing is for sure, it is not easy to be in love.

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