today is...

not so much of a happy day but i gave up all my research cares and simply dived off to do some personal stuffs. i owe this to myself, and even if it were during office hours when i processed some papers, went to see my optometrist, and did a little window shopping, i don't think bc is shortchanged. it's the other way around.

recently i have been working like a humanoid. some chip must have been inserted somewhere in this beautiful head that i started to map, interview, edit as if there is no tomorrow. i would understand this change if i were compensated well, like a per deim that is based on justice (tina rolls her eyes), some basic allowances for food and transportation (see, the per deim rate could not even amount to what we would pay if we get a good asian style massage to soothe the growing body pain), some vitamins or even an umbrella to shield me from the heat or rain.

... i dont think today is the time to speak. when i am this tired, i get so painfully vocal... tomorrow some wisdom (or reserve?) might dawn on me....

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