random thoughts

most of the time i find myself stuck in the very beginning of a writing agenda, so to dispose of the said problem (though a title is a very important element in writing), i just put on random thoughts as the heading...

God is good! this i know from the moment i was born, but lately He has demonstrated His love for me in so many ways. Exactly a week now, i left the philippines to visit friends in __________ and also to try my luck in this foreign land. not that to work here is the be-all and end-all of my efforts, in fact, it was only when i reached this place that i realized how unlucky we were to be brought up in corruption-laden phils. the almost half day trip to here was very tiring and there were moments when i felt scared (though i was with three friends that time) and intimidated by the kabayans in the immigration, my 'flightmates' (allow me to coin the word), and the airport attendants clad in green and brown uniforms which reminded me of hitler's time. but God is good, i got all the way to _________ safe and sound.

this place is so cool. so different from what i have known. my friends and i bask in the daily heat of the sun and at the same time enjoy the november breeze. at night the wind is a bit fiercer as december approaches. buildings stand with might against the desert wind. travellers like us stand in awe as we watch lighter versions of the arabian stand storm. we marvel at the dainty yet strong bridges that are products of human creativity and ingenuity. and i, personally, take pleasure in listening to the different tongues being uttered in singsong.

there is yet so much to see. a week has not demystified yet the wonder that this ancient but advanced land have. we have not tasted many of this land's food yet, not tried the strokes that their massage parlors offer, and we have not visited many of its nooks and corners yet. one thing for sure, i collect experiences each day to boast of to my children and my children's children in the years to come. and as i do this, i also collect friends- filipinos and foreign, with whom i grow and learn with and from. each day is a wonder. and i am so happy to have finally gained the courage to see the world and strive to be a better me.

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