yesterday was...

a very tiring day, though i didn't really do much in the field.

i had a lot of learning to pick up the other day and i admire doki for her very smart and weighted- upon comments on the project. "i am sorry to put my foot forward" was the winning line and i was really mesmerized at how she managed to impose authority over us weaker creatures during the meeting.

i was reminded of my college professors. they were people like doki who wears authority like a halo, not because she sings of how good she is at her field, but because she has put whatever learning she has accumulated over the years over and above her pride. i always get fascinated by people like her whose personality wins the crowd, her words and comportment speak for the genius inside her.

she nagged us, alright, but it was acceptable. we didn't get right on track, not even keep up with the schedule. and with the deadline approaching, it was understandable if she took over the situation. there was no clear leadership anyway, and she was the only brain among the scattered peas (hekhekhek!).

such a witch she was to the eyes of some, but to me, she was somebody i look up to in the field of research. and really, being where i am now, i thought i would be jaded for the rest of my life (didn't i say to somebody a few years back that he gave up a bad name?! and that the transfer has not imposed upon me some extent of moral ascendancy as it is harder to distinguish the real score when supremacy is spoken and not done?). doki might just be the saving grace then.

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